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It’s Time to Paddle

P6100025Okay it is time to get out on the river! Did an fantastic paddle early this morning out of Nehalem. The glass was perfect and the temperature warm enough for bare feet and tank top. Watched an eagle work the area going after ducks. Mike saw a Chinook jump and well the beauty was amazing!
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SUP PADDLE     —–            JULY 5TH

The launch site for Nehalem.

The launch site for Nehalem.











This is going to be a paddle designed for those that are somewhat athletic but have never paddled before.
More information available upon sign up!
call 503 368-4777 or email

You know its low tide when you see this:

Low Tide

Low Tide

Stand Up Paddle Race Training

Whether you wan to race or just get in great shape, I will take you out on a top of the line racing board and paddle and introduce you to stand up paddle training for fitness and fun!

This is a one on one private session and we can discuss anything you want to know about training, nutrition, weight loss etc!

Contact me for your session appointment!

Cost varies so price is tba.


Fitness is fun!

Fitness is fun!

Some new photos to share!

visuals in the bay

Visuals under your board!

The launch at the dock in Nehalem.

The launch at the dock in Nehalem.

glass morning on the bay

race stielcacome Very happy with a second place in a SUP race up!

janice racing

Chris, me and Karen going at it in the Willamette River Rose Festival Race!




kris and new board

Kris get a new board from SUP Manzanita!

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

A great local area resource for all you paddling enthusiasts!




SUP Manzanita is going to put together a training camp for those of you that what to take your paddling to the next level of fitness and adventure.

Lots will be discussed about training, nutrition and motivation.
It would be a two day camp  with a massage included at spa manzanita. Includes a hardy healthy lunch and some beautiful terrain to paddle across. Stay posted and pop me a note if you are interested. Boards can be included if needed.

Willamette River in the summer

Janice Gaines




Hello Plungers and want to be plungers:
Its that time of year again, anticipation is growing, but its best not think about it too much unless you are considering what they will wear to the Annual New Years Day Polar Plunge.
Costumes are getting popular and very in.

Here is the jist of the event:
11am Plunge Time but 10:30 start to gather time.
Neahkahnie Beach just north of the intersection of Reed Rd and Nehalem Rd, look for the fire.
Oh, New Years Day!

More info: We have created a couple of “rules”, not really but kind of:
Everyone strips down to the plunge attire prior to the photo opps and there are many!
We gather together for long enough that all the exciting energy reaches an explosive level, then together we run like the crazies we are into the great waiting Pacific Ocean. Then the suggestion is you plunge which looks much like the photo below. If you have a person with that is about the same age as your shoe size, hold their hand. And if anyone sees someone that could use a hand hold then go ahead, we are in this together. Another piece of advice that we like to strongly offer: no one stays out in the water more then 240 seconds. That’s about it, dress warm and hang out by the fire and high five, hug and laugh!
One more thing whoever it was that brought me a toilet plunger from the house they were staying in thinking it would be cool for me to hold it – don’t!
This does go on no matter what the weather and this is our Tenth Year!
Any questions? yea contact me.
Suggestions? nah!
Why do this? see below!
Janice Gaines spa manzanita 503 368-4777
oh one more thing, this is a non-organized event that is a fun raiser and not anything more. — in Neahkahnie Beach, OR.



It’s time to get back in the gym, summer is over and the rain is on its way or already here depending on when you read this. If you get going now you will be way ahead of the winter blues.
As a reminder (like you need it), here is the short list with the reasons why your body and your mind needs to exercise:
1. Exercise controls weight
2. Exercise combats health conditions and disease
3. Exercise improves mood
4. Exercise boosts energy
5. And so and so on……
I can hear you now; “I would go to the gym but you just don’t like it”. Boy do I wish I had a dollar for the all the times I have heard these words: “I just get bored in the gym” or “I know I should lift weights but I just don’t like it – it bores me.” And this is the topic I want to address.
Bored? “What does that mean? Psychology boredom is a state of mind in which a person feels a lack of interest in where they are and what they are doing. Boredom means a problem or failure with a commitment of attention. Philosophically boredom is a condition characterized by one’s perception of the environment or task as dull and tedious. Boredom is essentially an issue with attention and awareness and in a sense this is how we connect with the world around us and this is a choice we make. When we choose to be bored we chose not to be successful. If you covet boredom and allow yourself to flounder in it than your ability to do whatever the task at hand is will not be done with any joy or success.
All too often I see people dispassionately lifting weights or doing their exercise program, chatting away, lifting a weight in-between a round of texting or reading a newspaper, anything to not be present. No wonder so many people tell me they find the gym boring – I would be too, if I spent my time as they did.
Without the mental connection or the emotional investment in what you are doing you are destined for boredom and disappointment. It may seem a bit harsh but exercise is exactly like life, if you muddle your way through with little focus you will get exactly that- MEH!
For me, however when I go to the gym or workout (not every single time but mostly), I feel a renewed sense of joy and excitement. This is a private time (or with friends that feel the same way), to attune my mind and connect with my body-my muscles whether it is my heart, lungs, legs or upper body. It is an opportunity to feel the genesis of growth and circulation.
Practice being present: when you walk into the gym, get on the treadmill, lift weights – stop for a moment, take a deep breath, observe, determine your goals for the day and pay attention. Turn your focus to where you want to go, start practicing and strengthening the muscle of determination and choice. If you choose to want to strengthen your body and improve your overall health then get started. Expect yourself to achieve results and in order to do that you must engage fully. What would you tell your kid if they were studying a math problem or practicing an instrument? Would you tell them to “go ahead turn on the TV, talk to your friends, do whatever you want just so you don’t have to pay attention to what you are trying to accomplish?” No you would not, so why would you allow yourself to be that way? Once you get started on this concept to fitness you will find it gets easier and momentum will take over and the happiness of feeling more fit will start to quiet the internal mind chatter and the desire for distraction.

The choice is yours and once you decide and commit you will be successful!
Janice Gaines BS LMT
Health and Fitness Trainer