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Summer is Starting Right!


Hey folks sup season has begun with a bang and its not even the 4th of July yet! The river is warm and the paddling is groovy!
Here is a nice shot taken of me from a boat the other morning while I was waiting for a wave to ride. Then my buddy on the boat tossed out a line and we did some tow surfing off the boat, got a great shot of Mike with Neahkahnie Mountain behind him. Fun, fun and more fun in the sun!



Mike threw his paddle in the boat and off he went!



Janice waiting for a wave on a glassy morning on the North Oregon Coast!




















Foggy Day on the Nehalem Bay

Here are some photos I took the other day while out on the Nehalem in the early morning fog.

A Boat in the Fog

Nehalem River Mouth- Looking for Wind

Cormorants on a Branch

Tide Going Out

Tide Going Out and Bird

Foggy Day on the Nehalem

Foggy Day on the Nehalem


Mornings on the Nehalem River


We have had some perfect morning SUP sessions. Yesterday I went up to the eagle nest 3 miles up the NF of Nehalem and was treated to the visuals of the two baby eagles out on a tree across the river from their nest. I think they are just now getting out on their own. Wish I had a shot of this but it happened too fast and I was taking it in all to myself.

Glassy conditions!

The Sky from the Water or the World is Up Side Down

Pick Your Board

The boards are ready to go. Thanks Mike for  putting together a nice board rack!


Dave and Dellanne

Here is a fun shot of Dave Mathews and partner in fun Dellanne McGregor. This was taken after they did a organized paddle event that went around Ross Island. That board is designed to cruise through flat smooth water fast! Pretty board!


SUP Manzanita Instructor: Dellane

Here is a nice shot of my buddy Dellane coming out of the bay after a nice paddle. She will be one of the instructors this summer. The board you see there is a flat water racing style craft. Light weight and designed to move right along.

Nehalem River Mouth

Mike and I did a great paddle June 16th out to the mouth of the Nehalem River.

It was perfect conditions. Light wind, easy going tides and plenty of sunshine.

What a beautiful morning for a SUP paddle!

Mike cruising the shore.


White Sand Beaches Of Nehalem River

Janice at the mouth of the Nehalem River.