Hello Plungers and want to be plungers:
Its that time of year again, anticipation is growing, but its best not think about it too much unless you are considering what they will wear to the Annual New Years Day Polar Plunge.
Costumes are getting popular and very in.

Here is the jist of the event:
11am Plunge Time but 10:30 start to gather time.
Neahkahnie Beach just north of the intersection of Reed Rd and Nehalem Rd, look for the fire.
Oh, New Years Day!

More info: We have created a couple of “rules”, not really but kind of:
Everyone strips down to the plunge attire prior to the photo opps and there are many!
We gather together for long enough that all the exciting energy reaches an explosive level, then together we run like the crazies we are into the great waiting Pacific Ocean. Then the suggestion is you plunge which looks much like the photo below. If you have a person with that is about the same age as your shoe size, hold their hand. And if anyone sees someone that could use a hand hold then go ahead, we are in this together. Another piece of advice that we like to strongly offer: no one stays out in the water more then 240 seconds. That’s about it, dress warm and hang out by the fire and high five, hug and laugh!
One more thing whoever it was that brought me a toilet plunger from the house they were staying in thinking it would be cool for me to hold it – don’t!
This does go on no matter what the weather and this is our Tenth Year!
Any questions? yea contact me.
Suggestions? nah!
Why do this? see below!
Janice Gaines spa manzanita 503 368-4777
oh one more thing, this is a non-organized event that is a fun raiser and not anything more. — in Neahkahnie Beach, OR.



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