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A Gift of Stand Up Paddling!

A Gift of Stand Up Paddling!

What a great gift idea, a stand up paddle lesson or tour with Janice Gaines of SUP Manzanita.

Contact us with any questions:

503 368.4777


A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Ask Janice
This New Year I would like to suggest a different kind of resolution. Instead of thinking of ways in which you can improve yourself, I suggest make a resolution that each day you do a random act of kindness and work towards improving someone else’s life.
Our New Year’s resolutions are often born from thoughts and feelings about ourselves; things we don’t like and want to change. I have noticed in my own life that when I am feeling bad it is easier for me to act in ways that are not so good for me, like eating the wrong things or drinking or other ways that actually can make me feel worse. I also have noticed that when I do something good for someone else especially during those hard times I feel better. As a massage therapist and fitness/health trainer for almost 3 decades there has been many times I have not felt like working because I was sad or mad about something in my own life but being work and having that responsibility I had to continue and to my amazement and gratefulness I would start feeling better almost as soon as I started either doing a massage and helping someone else out with their problems. You see we are all struggling and we all share the same challenges, the more we reach out to help others the better our own lives will be.
There was a study (you knew I would quote a study), published in which participants were asked to behave helpfully toward another person for just a few minutes a day. After six months, participants reported a much greater self-esteem and happiness than those in the control group. Not only is doing good deeds sure to spike your happy meter, but more and more research proves there are physical benefits, too. Studies have found that people who make a habit of helping others report better health than those who don’t, and seniors who do volunteer work may actually live longer. In 1890 William James (brother to author Henry James) wrote a two-volume magnum opus The Principles of Psychology and is still required reading for students of behavioral science. James paid attention to the relationship between emotion and behavior. Conventional wisdom tells us that your emotions cause you to behave in certain ways. James became convinced that this commonsense view was unfinished and he proposed a new theory which took 6 decades to become accepted. He hypothesized that the relationship between behavior and feelings is a two-way street. By changing behaviors you can change feelings. As Aristotle said “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
I found an article written by Dr Oz and DR Rozien, they explain that when people give to others, whether it be money, time, or some other act of kindness, they experience a rush of endorphins similar to a runner’s high. Even just thinking about helping people can boost positive emotion, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and decrease pain. In one study 20 percent of the people lost weight after they started volunteering. . Creating small acts of kindness is behaviors that can improve your feelings of self. It has been scientifically proven to have therapeutic that it can help those with depression disorders.
On Friday December 14th we as a nation had our breath knocked out of us. The grief is more than words can describe and it is almost beyond our abilities to know what to do or even begin to breathe again. A suggestion made by the wife of the Rabbi in Sandy Hook CT appeals to me. “What we need is a good flood – a flood of kindness, of caring, of compassion, of goodness, of warmth, of benevolence, of support, of reaching out. There are, thank G-d, enough of us on this planet to make sure that not one human being ever feels lost. We need a Flood of connections. Not just the trickles that come from time to time, but everywhere, all the time. We need to be at least as aware of the ecology of human behavior as we are of the ecology of the physical resources of the planet. It has to penetrate all aspects of our world – the worlds of business, the media, education, culture, science, the arts, medicine – we need a flood, a good flood. Every single one of us has to know that we can make a difference, and we need to put serious thought to how we can best do that.”

Stand Up Paddle & Tillamook County Water Trail




  • Friday, August 17, 11am
  • Pacific City Boat Launch
  • (next to Bob Straub State Park)
  • 11am- Dedication, Cake and music
  • 12pm- Flotilla 
Stand Up Paddle Manzanita is bringing 8 Stand Up Paddle Boards and all necessary equipment for you to SUP (stand up paddle).
AND I will even provide free lessons to those that need or desire.
All you have to do is SIGN UP AND THEN SHOW UP!


P.S. even if you don’t to Stand Up Paddle this is a great event to come to and support all the phenomenal  work that Tillamook Estuaries Partnership is doing and this fantastic achievement!


Foggy Day on the Nehalem Bay

Here are some photos I took the other day while out on the Nehalem in the early morning fog.

A Boat in the Fog

Nehalem River Mouth- Looking for Wind

Cormorants on a Branch

Tide Going Out

Tide Going Out and Bird

Foggy Day on the Nehalem

Foggy Day on the Nehalem


Mornings on the Nehalem River


We have had some perfect morning SUP sessions. Yesterday I went up to the eagle nest 3 miles up the NF of Nehalem and was treated to the visuals of the two baby eagles out on a tree across the river from their nest. I think they are just now getting out on their own. Wish I had a shot of this but it happened too fast and I was taking it in all to myself.

Glassy conditions!

The Sky from the Water or the World is Up Side Down

SUP Manzanita is ready!


Update is we are ready to go, in fact this very morning I am conducting the first group lesson. We have light over cast conditions, no wind and a perfect tide!

Nehalem Bay at Low Tide

Low tide in the bay is a great time to hit the water and see some of the goodies that get covered by higher waters

Peggy at Nehalem Bay State Park

Peggy is about to be hooked on Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP Manzanita class with Cheryl and Peggy

You would not guess that they have been SUPing for about 20 minutes.
Cheryl and Peggy showing you how easy it is.

Andy leading the way out the river, Cheryl and Peggy right along side.

First time out Cheryl and Andy get the hang of it quick. Nice glassy morning!

Well as you can see, it was a great time!

Pick Your Board

The boards are ready to go. Thanks Mike for  putting together a nice board rack!


Dave and Dellanne

Here is a fun shot of Dave Mathews and partner in fun Dellanne McGregor. This was taken after they did a organized paddle event that went around Ross Island. That board is designed to cruise through flat smooth water fast! Pretty board!


SUP Manzanita Instructor: Dellane

Here is a nice shot of my buddy Dellane coming out of the bay after a nice paddle. She will be one of the instructors this summer. The board you see there is a flat water racing style craft. Light weight and designed to move right along.

Nehalem River Mouth

Mike and I did a great paddle June 16th out to the mouth of the Nehalem River.

It was perfect conditions. Light wind, easy going tides and plenty of sunshine.

What a beautiful morning for a SUP paddle!

Mike cruising the shore.


White Sand Beaches Of Nehalem River

Janice at the mouth of the Nehalem River.