Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons Manzanita and North Oregon Coast


Stand Up Paddle Boarding aka “SUP” is one of the world’s fastest growing recreation water sports. There is reason for that. It is very user friendly that just about anyone can learn it and enjoy the sport in less than a day, about an hour! Once you try it, you will understand why. Basically you are standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself with a paddle.

It is a sport designed for all in that it offers a fun, low impact water activity. SUP can be serene and peaceful in a calm, flat water way or you can take it to higher intensity levels like surfing or racing and make it more demanding. It’s up to you but no matter how you do it, it is great for your body, your mind and your soul.

The boards are lighter than kayaks, easily carried, simple to store and have no moving parts – so very low to no maintenance as compared to other water sports like kiting or wind surfing. Once you have your equipment there are no extra costs except the gasoline to get to the water.

The origins of Stand Up Paddle Boarding come from Hawaii about 40 years ago as a way for surfing instructors to manage large groups of learner surfers. Standing on the board gives you a better view of what is going on around you such as incoming waves. When standing up you can also see much more clearly down through the surface of the water than you can in a canoe or kayak. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He’e Nalu – to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave. However, the history of this sport goes back much further even than Hawaii. It has been documented that Polynesian fisherman going back 1000’s of years have used stand up style boats with long paddles to fish and travel with.

On a personal note from head instructor Janice B Gaines-Ehlen

I have been coaching, teaching and sharing a passion of fitness and nature for over 40 years. I started surfing at the age of 8,  I have had a love of the ocean all my life. When I discovered SUPing I was amazed by the ease of which one can learn this sport and be out there enjoying all that it has to offer. Anyone can do it, no special skills required. As soon as you can stand up you can SUP. It is great for families and groups as well as solo journeys. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to get fit and have fun doing it. In addition you will discover hidden treasures on the North Oregon Coast that few get to see by land.

Yours in good health,
Janice B Gaines-Ehlen BS LMT, Wellness/Fitness Coach