SUP Lessons & Tours

Lessons and excursions include all the necessary equipment to be on the water:

We provide everything you required to go stand up paddling. You just show up, no need to lug the boards anywhere or rent anything!

Tours/Lessons are at least 1 1/2 to 3 hours                                                                                                                     Conducted on the Nehalem River flat water, 6 miles in-land from ocean.

Beginners will be introduced to Stand Up Paddling (SUPing) in the safe flat waters near Manzanita.

Things you will learn:

  • Lessons are taught with strong consideration to each person’s personal needs. Your instructor will be with you and others the whole tour. Your safety and enjoyment and learning of the sport is our primary goal.
  • Basic fundamentals of SUPing on the best boards – very wide and stable.
  • You will learn all about safety and proper clothing so you can do this sport in complete comfort.
  • You will learn about effective paddling, balance, position, and movement and of course falling-recovery techniques.
  • You will leave the lesson with all you need to know to pursue this sport on your own, buy your own equipment and/or return for one of our excursion days for more fun and adventure.
  • Best of all you will learn how much fun this sport is and what an amazing workout it is. The benefits of SUPing besides being a soulful and endearing activity; it is great for your body! This is a low impact workout that will lean you out, give you balance, build muscles and strengthen your heart.
  • Lessons are conducted in the morning; this is the best time of day because of low wind and quiet calm waters.
  • All you need to do is show up and maybe bring a towel just in case :-) We will provide all necessary equipment!
  • We also take photos
The launch at the dock in Nehalem.

The launch at the dock in Nehalem.

Lessons/Paddle Tours

  • Private $190
  • 2  $150/person
  • 3 -4  $120/person
  • 5-6  $110/person
  • Free for children and dogs not needing their own board!

Private group lessons are perfect for parties, business team building and family gatherings!

Explore, Discover or Training

Create your own adventure, for those of you with some fitness and experience, I can be your guide and take you and your friends on some very cool sup tours and/or adventures that include some hidden treasures in and around the Nehalem River Valley.

Want to learn to race or train more specifically? Coaching and fitness training available.

For more information and any questions feel free to call Janice (503) 260-743.

*Note: Private lessons or adventures are with Janice B Gaines; in addition to the SUP lesson sessions may include personal fitness training, injury rehab, nutrition consultation as well as live style/wellness coaching.

Click for weather forecast

Lessons and tours can be weather dependent.  I will not take you into really rainy, windy, choppy, or otherwise sketchy weather or water conditions unless you want to because I do not mind!